Small local beauty salon
Social media is still a mystery to me, but Nicky sorted it out for me and the leads are flooding in!

Our Goal

Our goal is to make social media easy and to help companies with their sales challenges.

Sales Challenges
Whether your Sales organisation is just forming and you need help finding the right talent or it's become hard to rely on forecasts, improve conversion rates or develop a more senior customer contact, we can help.
UK division of major Software company
Our challenge was that our Salespeople were losing more deals than winning and we didn't know why.

Social Media
From operating your social media prescence, to helping to fine-tune your SEO, we can help

Our Vision

Small CRM software company
The only person that could sell anything was the CEO which meant he had to be everywhere - Nicky helped us to develop a repeatable message.

Hire Us

Whether you want us to work for you, or to help train and coach your current employees, get in touch here to find out more.                 

Our customers say...

What we do

Small niche software company
We needed help with forecasting and deal sizes. Nicky put in place a process where everyone uses the same forecasting words and helped us develop a more senior and valuable value proposition.

We're building a place where people can learn about professional and social selling and improve their interactions with customers and prospects.