Hire us

We're really flexible about the type of work we do.  As long as it's Sales related we can probably help! 

Our delivery is consultancy based, Nicky will manage everything from the diagnosis to the delivery as needed.  She may recommend a 3rd party if it's the right thing to do, otherwise it's Nicky's expertise that you're buying.

Nicky has been selling and managing Sales teams for 25 years.  She has a track record for developing value propositions for new products, growing Sales teams, instilling process and discipline as well as style and skill.

Since semi-retiring in December 2015, Nicky has been working with companies who need assistance with their Sales efforts – whether developing a value proposition for business leaders from a feature based technical proposition, developing a reliable forecast from a large Sales team, developing a repeatable Sales process from a company that always needs the CEO to close a deal, coaching individual Sales leaders or finding and coaching the right Sales character to fit in a company.

As well as the diagnosis for your Sales issue root cause, Nicky can come up with and execute a plan to resolve it.