Sales Coaching offer bespoke consulting services for businesses that need assistance in Sales or Marketing related activities.  If your problem isn't described above and you would like to talk to us about it, please do get in touch!​

Consulting services

Social Media is still a young world, and whilst it has significant reach, it remains a mystery to many.  What is clear is that Google search rankings can make a significant difference to a business and that customers today expect a prescence on Social sites.  If you need help with any of the following, please do get in touch

  • Improving "organic" Google search results
  • Running a social presence on Twitter, Facebook or other sites
  • Writing, publishing or editing a regular blog

Social media services

All Sales teams face these challenges at some point. How quickly and easily they're overcome varies greatly! If you're looking for help with any of the following, please get in touch

  • Hiring Salespeople who will perform as well as they interview
  • Developing a value proposition with benefits relevant to the board (rather than just a set of technical features)
  • Developing a repeatable sales process that new hires can follow (without needing the CEO on every sale!)
  • Producing a reliable forecast, where both "bluebirds" and deal losses are not a surprise
  • Changing a damaging Sales behaviour (such as discounting)
  • Improving relationships between Sales and other departments
  • Improving conversion rates
  • Any other Sales related challenge