Social Media

Our engagement with Social media comes from two places:

Firstly, Nicky is a long standing advocate for Social selling.  Whilst this isn't about Social media necessarily (see our blog post on the topic) it certainly used Social media as an information source, and so we know a bit about it.

Secondly, we're good at writing things, and one of the key criteria for a successful placement in an organic Google search result is new content, so you need a blog if placement matters to you (and if it doesn't, it should, so get in touch so we can help you understand why it's so important!

Selling these days is all about being social.  The reality is that, certainly in a complex B2B sale, your prospect knows more about you and your stuff than you'd think by the time you encounter them.  And if you're in a space which requires education of the prospect then you'd better be sure that they can educate themselves before they talk to you.  This means you  need a strong social presence, you need to be sharing meaningful content regularly and you need to build a relationship with the prospect that is more social than it is salesrep.  We can help you - whether you just want to understand it better, or whether you want someone to operate that presence for you.